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If you’re looking to keep your Mac safe from Trojans, ransomware and malicious websites, you’ll want the best Mac antivirus software available.

If you share your files with Windows users, you could pass a Windows virus on to them. There’s over 1,000,000 Windows viruses. That would be the only case when you need an antivirus application. Most Mac…

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The current version of Mac OS no longer comes with a paintprogram, such as MacPaint, but there are plenty of alternativessuch as the free Paintbrush (See links below).

In fact, there’s a hidden paint program on your Mac computer that has been sitting right under your nose this whole time, and a recent pose will show you how easy it is to find.

Like Photoshop, but with pure Mac-style. Best Layer-based Image Editor for Mac. Paint.NET…

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This program does not have a beautiful user interface; however, its functionality is the biggest strength. According to the developers: “The program records changes in the system clipboard, stores them without any limits and provides innovative ways to work with them.” The main features of the program. The program simplifies working with several clipboards. However, other features allow organizing and managing data easily and conveniently. Download for mac os x. Clipjump is a multifunctional clipboard manager for Windows.

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We have evaluated over 20 free HTML editors for Macintosh against over 40 different criteria relevant to professional web designers and developers. The following applications are the best free HTML editors for Macintosh, both WYSIWYG and text editors, rated from best to worst. Each editor listed will have a score, percentage, and a link to more information.

Best Value: Komodo Edit

What We Like

Best web design apps for Mac Even…

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I’m a long-time windows user and an occasional Linux user who now finds himself using Mac OS X (10.6.6) on an iMac. Mostly it seems fairly intuitive, but I’m unclear about how programs are managed (installed, uninstalled, launched, terminated).

Some of the programs I install are downloaded in .dmg format, whereas others are in a familiar .zip or .tar.gz archive. …

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